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MicroFinance- Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

“Micro credit is not charity. This is business: business with a social objective, which is to help people get out of poverty.” Muhammad Yunus – Founder of Grameen Bank and Nobel Peace Prize recipient. The Grameen bank model and its subsequent success gave a fillip to micro credit at global level. Microfinance in India has… Continue reading MicroFinance- Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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Core Banking Solution 2.0: 8 New Features

Traditionally, core banking solutions were designed to serve the requirements of an efficient OLTP (on line transaction processing) system.  Core banking applications in India are currently more than 10 years old.  The period saw a great amount of data churning. The inherited dirty data got cleansed or made irrelevant vis-à-vis the data retention requirements of… Continue reading Core Banking Solution 2.0: 8 New Features

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Lending Solutions in the banking industry

For a financial institution, lending or providing loans is one of the main sources of revenue. However, in the current highly competitive business scenario, banks need to streamline their operations and incorporate various platforms to improve operational efficiency, risk management and increase profitability. Sound decision making and speed are important in the lending business. With… Continue reading Lending Solutions in the banking industry

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Financial Inclusion Solution from Nelito

Nelito with its all-round capability to give banks with the best solutions to effectively optimize their processes and make them extremely effective has now came up with its own solutions for Financial Inclusion (FI). Nelito’s Fi supports all essential banking functions essential in carrying out the financial inclusion operations. These functions are as follows:- Key… Continue reading Financial Inclusion Solution from Nelito

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Core Banking Software – On Premise and Hosted Offering as well as our CTS solutions offerings

We introduce ourselves as a TATA group company catering to the Banking sector since last 17 years. We offer “FinCraft” Core Banking Solution which readily meets the requirements of Banks in the cooperative segment and helps them in complying with all regulatory requirements. It is being used by more than 100+ customers with branches ranging… Continue reading Core Banking Software – On Premise and Hosted Offering as well as our CTS solutions offerings

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Nelito’s FinDART

Nelito’s FinDART™ is a web-based data archival and retrieval solution for Banking data archival. Need of archival solution arises due to: Migration or retirement of existing applications High cost of maintaining legacy system Decline in solution performance due to large volume of data. FinDART™ is a data archival and retrieval solution, tailor made for BFSI… Continue reading Nelito’s FinDART