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Financial Inclusion Solution from Nelito

Nelito with its all-round capability to give banks with the best solutions to effectively optimize their processes and make them extremely effective has now came up with its own solutions for Financial Inclusion (FI).
Nelito’s Fi supports all essential banking functions essential in carrying out the financial inclusion operations.
These functions are as follows:-

Key Functional Features

Balance Enquiry
Fund Transfer
Role based access

Also with its state of the art web based architecture a number of processes can be carried out in a Central Processing Centre (CPC) and Regional Processing Centre (RPC) model.
A number of operationally complex processes are simplified helping financial institutions with easily executing their financial inclusion objectives.

Features Of FI Server Web Based Platform

HHD Management
BC Module
Data Validation Module
Smartcard Management
Key Management
Data duplication

For Business Correspondents to Banks FI provides a huge range of solutions.
These include:-

Micro ATM HHD Application With Business Correspondents

Opening of deposit account,
Cash deposit / Withdrawal,
Fund Transfer, Mini Statement Generation
Support for offline / online mode for data integrity
Reports, BOD, EOD

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