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Core Banking Software – On Premise and Hosted Offering as well as our CTS solutions offerings

We introduce ourselves as a TATA group company catering to the Banking sector since last 17 years.
We offer “FinCraft” Core Banking Solution which readily meets the requirements of Banks in the cooperative segment and helps them in complying with all regulatory requirements.
It is being used by more than 100+ customers with branches ranging from 5+ to 250+.
The highlights of the solution are as under:
•    Web Based Software built on Microsoft Platform
•    Meets specific requirements of Co Operative Banks
•    Tightly integrated add on modules available for ALM, AML, CTS, Loan Processing etc with Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking, ATM Switch, Rupay Card Management  made available as add on features with the solution
•    Enables Channel Banking through ATM/ Kiosk/ POS terminal
•    Tightly integrated MIS platform / BI with standard reports
•    Available both as an “On Premise” as well as “Hosted” Offering with a highly scalable architecture
•    Works on low bandwidth connectivity
•    Fin HO Modules – This takes of other requirements of Banks like HR Pay Roll/ Asset Management/ Inventory etc.
Highlights of our CTS system:-
•    Nelito’s CTS comes with central deployment option. It has the option of scanning from remote locations and processing at central location.
•    Offerings include a service bureau where we can do an end to end processing of the clearing instruments.
•    We also have arrangement for providing shared CHI through Banks.
core banking system software


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