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Nelito’s FinDART

Nelito’s FinDART™ is a web-based data archival and retrieval solution for Banking data archival. Need of archival solution arises due to:

  • Migration or retirement of existing applications
  • High cost of maintaining legacy system
  • Decline in solution performance due to large volume of data.

FinDART™ is a data archival and retrieval solution, tailor made for BFSI vertical. It archives that historical data of legacy system which is not required for further processing of transactions and which has no business process associated with it. FinDART™ stores data in the archival repository and provides access for reporting and query purpose. It restricts any modification in archived data. FinDART™ provides Reports, MIS and Query facilities on legacy data after its retirement.


FinDART’s usability for a Bank is illustrated in below diagram:




FinDART™ is accessible to end users over web (internet and/or intranet) so it can be accessed by head office users, regional office users and branch users.

FinDART™ is based on the principle of designing a Data Repository to hold data of multiple legacy applications in consistent structure, Store data in a centralized environment.

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FinDART™ Business Drivers:

Built in Reports in FinDART

Below tables lists the ‘Off-the-shelf’ reports of FinDART™:

S. No. Report Types Report
1. Account Search


        i.        Account Master

ii.        Statement of Accounts

iii.        Any day balance

2. Term Deposit


        i.        Deposit Register (Master)

ii.        Statement of Accounts

iii.        Interest Credit / Accrual Reports

iv.        TDS Reports

3. Loans & Advances


        i.        Account Master

ii.        Statement of Accounts

iii.        Limit Details

iv.        Drawing Power Details

v.        Security Register

vi.        Stock Statement

vii.        Insurance Details

viii.        Subsidy Details

ix.        Inspection Details

4. General Ledger


        i.        GL Statement of Accounts

ii.        GL Any Day Balance

iii.        GL Transactions

5. Clearing


        i.        Inward Clearing

ii.        Outward Clearing

6. Trade Finance


        i.        Bill Details

ii.        LC Details

iii.        Guarantee Details

iv.        Outward Remittance (DD / PO / MT / TT)

7. Miscellaneous


        i.        Cheque Book Report

ii.        Stop Payment Report

iii.        Stop Payment Revoked Report

iv.        Standing Instructions Report

v.        Lien Report

vi.        Nominee Report

vii.        Related Party Details







1       Record Search Options


FinDART™ allows the user to search record(s) based on following parameters:


Query / Search Parameters
S. No. Parameter
1 Customer Id / Customer Number
2 Account number (for customers and also for internal accounts i.e. GL)
3 Account name
4 Transaction date
5 Range of transaction dates
6 Transaction amount
7 Transaction type (Debit/Credit)
8 Transaction nature (Cash/Clearing/Transfer)
9 Cheque number and user-id details of person entering / verifying the transactions


2       FinDART™ Features

Below tables summarises the Key features of FinDART™:

S. No. Features Descriptions
1. Broad Connectivity & Extensibility


FinDART™ can access and retire a wide variety database, mainframes and business applications

Ø  Oracle



Ø  Sybase

Ø  ASCII – Text

Ø  Cobol – Btrieve

Ø  MS Access / MS Excel

2. Unchanged Data Archiving Quick and complete migration (archival) of legacy data as-it-is. (Unchanged)
3. Process Automation


Save time and money; enable rapid information retrieval with automated archiving process.  FinDART™ simulates archival processes before actual execution to validate archiving policies.
4. Keyword based search


Keyword based searching option for Account Number, Account Name, Transaction Dates, Range of Transaction Dates, Transaction Amount, Transaction Type and Instrument Number etc.
5. Regulatory Compliance


Preserve critical data according to internal rules and external regulations.
6. Robust Data Archival Support


Archive complete logical business entities.  Archiving not just transactional data but also master and reference data, plus metadata to a secure immutable format for later retrieval.
7. Seamless Access to Archived Data


Application interface to access the archived data in database instances through pre-configured reports and facility to query the database instances.

FinDART™ has password based access right mechanism to safeguard and restrict access to application and database instances. Based on user rights it allows user to view, print and download the reports or query the database instances.

8. Reporting Format


Supports popular formats like ASCII Text, MS Word, PDF, XML and MS Excel.
9. Online Access


Improve information access by keeping data online and readily accessible and reusable.
10. User Management


FinDART™ manages user and user roles for application access. Active directory or other third party application integration is also enabled.
11. Security Ø  Application access through user validation at backend

Ø  Right click disabled on browser

Ø  User access logs

12. Benefits to the Bank Saving on upgrading the existing storage on YoY basis, Bank can design the CBS data purging policy and purge the old data for freeing the storage space from production. Also speed of the system will get increased.

4        FinDART™ Success Stories


S. No. Bank Name Year of Order
1 Development Credit Bank 2008
2 Oriental Bank of Commerce 2009
3 United Bank of India 2010
4 NABARD through Wipro 2012
5 Allahabad Bank RRBs through HP 2012
6 HDFC Bank (Phase 1 and Phase 2) 2013 and 2016
7 Bank of India RRBs 2013
8 UCO Bank (Hong Kong and Singapore Branches) through HP 2014
9 Syndicate Bank (London Branch) through HP 2015
10 Corporation Bank  through Wipro 2016
11 Indian Overseas Bank – India 2016



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